From my 10 years of involvement with singers, I have been able to identify three different ways by which singers take up their learning process. The most common way is by listening to the recorded works of virtuoso singers and singing along without the direction of a vocal coach. I do not support this type of learning because it can be injurious to the voice. A beginner who does not have a good grasp of the fundamentals of singing, breathing techniques, vocal techniques, vocal anatomy, and good musical ears cannot benefit from this method of learning because it  could compound already existing singing issues by singing with bad technique. You may pick the wrong material and strain your voice on the high notes or even experience inconsistencies with your voice on the long run.

Another trial and error method employed by a different  group of singers is applying vocal technique instructions given by an inexperienced voice teacher. This is a bit better than what the first-group singers do. The danger here is that a singer could try to mimic a star artiste with the wrong vocal placement (bad attack). Though this method can sometimes work, the long-term effect is that one experiences voice deterioration which leads to diminished courage in one’s ability.

 I have come to discover that the most reliable way to learn how to sing is first of all get a good vocal teacher who will teach you how to get your sound into the cavities in your head. Most singers are surprised to know that they have cavities in their head because they think the human head is a solid mass. These cavities are invaluable in every singer’s career. If you can learn to use your mask to beautify your sound, then you are not too far from your goal. This is what brings about vocal release, a sweet sensation you get when singing with proper technique.

At Lee Vocal Studios, the best and independent voice training and Music school in Lagos, Nigeria you will be taught how to assume the specific body configuration that will enable you achieve that forward placement into your mask which most voice teachers have not been able to achieve with their students. It’s not all about singing scales and making weird sounds; though these have their own purpose in a student’s vocal development. The number one celebrity vocal coach in Nigeria will help you through the specific things you need to learn that will give you the winning vocal placement within a few days of study in the vocal studio. You will experience a sudden release in your voice. This is otherwise known as vocal freedom.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to discover the amazing voice inside of you and achieve so much more with your voice, be you a solo artiste, band singer, choir member, Music director, voice teacher, recording artiste, back-up singer or rap artiste. At Lee Vocal Studios, we welcome singer of all musical styles.


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