All individual voice classes are private. Group classes can also be booked for. Individual classes are once a week, an hour per class and for duration of three months per level. The levels are: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Fee is determined after an interview and audition is done for the applicant.
Applicants going for auditions, tours, recording and performance can also register with us for professional grooming.
We usually have a singing workshop and performance opportunities for all students on the last Saturday of every month.

Voice lessons cover the following topics and more:
Breathing and breath control
Posture work
Vocal technique
Music theory
Ear training
Call and response exercises
Range expansion
Vowel and consonants
Diction exercises
Lip trill or tongue trill/ vocal fry
Filming and video playback to analyze performances
Vocal technique
Identifying head voice and falsetto
Legato singing
Staccato singing
Adding power to head voice and falsetto
Increasing chest voice range
Middle voice
Different vocal sounds
Chromatic scale
Piano playing etc

A student may be required to attend the voice lessons of other students, as learning from the mistakes of others is a valuable tool.

All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable fee of N1, 000 for registration and N30,000 for the three-month voice training course. The teacher will determine your level i.e beginner, intermediate or advanced. See contact for payment details.

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