Ever got goosebumps after listening to someone sing? Ever been captivated by the person singing on stage in front of you?
Ever been inspired to go out and sing your heart out, like the professional singers you see?

We all have. That’s why we want to be singers. We all admire someone and
want to be like them to a large extent. We love to be the centre of attraction, the focus of everyone around us.

To connect with our audience in such a way that they really feel the song, the words and the music. That connection comes from:

1. Your body language, the way
you connect with a song and project it emotionally.

2. The way you carry yourself on stage and

3. The way you use your props, especially the microphone.

If you don’t know what to do with your hands while on stage, feel uncomfortable on stage or fail to get the attention of your audience when you sing, then you need to carry out the activities below:

Study the body language of your favourite singers. Get to know how they stand, hold a microphone and move across the stage.

One way to emotionally connect with songs and audiences is to get out of your own head and forget that you are on stage. Know the song inside out, exude your confidence and just enjoy yourself singing.

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