Have you ever watched Mariah Careh hit those high notes spectacularly? Whitney Houston do those vocal runs? Michael Bolton scream beautifully? Are you in awe about how they produce their golden tones and  control their voices perfectly well? Do you sometimes wonder why their voices ring and your doesn’t?

Do you waste time and money thinking of how to achieve these elements of vocal freedom I have just mentioned? Here’s your last stop. Celebrity vocal coach, Laura Etemah or any of her associates can get you to your long awaited vocal destination. The little secret involved in understanding resonance and its application in singing will be thrown open to you within a few days of your training.

You will learn a lot about the mask. What do I mean by this? The mask consists of the hard parts of your articulatory system which includes the front teeth, soft and hard pallet, behind the nose and the eyes and even up through the back of the head where vibrations can be felt when a singer hits super-high notes. These are parts of your body where you feel strong vibrations when proper vocal attack is applied on the mask. This is what most voice teachers struggle to get across to their students. With proper attack, breath support is in balance, vocal cords are stabilized and the throat is in a relaxed state.

No matter your voice type, voice texture, style of music or range, you can achieve this. No matter what you sing with your voice, you only sound better and stronger. Voice attack from the mask helps singers develop a great range and a fantastic tone.

Let me conclude by bringing your attention to the fact that this placement cannot be forced to happen. You only strain you voice with the application of force. This is absolutely unnecessary. You cannot achieve this feat by trial and error. Everything has already been made easy for you by my SING LIKE A SUPERSTAR book and instructional CD. Both of which contain specific exercises and information that will teach you how to achieve mask placement.

All you have to do is give us a call for directions on how you will get your copy. See contact for more details.

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