·       Why are some people so good at singing while others can barely sing a phrase without going off key?

·       Why do I struggle to sing high notes?

·       Why is my voice not strong and powerful?

·       How can I deal with pain in my throat after singing?

·       Shyness and fear prevents me from giving my best on stage. Why is this?

·       I cannot harmonize or sing in parts!

·       My choir members always get angry at me. They say I cannot sing and I feel bad.

·       How do I project my voice above the band instruments?

·       My voice goes tight when I have to sing at a concert. Why is this?

·       I forget my lyrics when on stage. Help!

·      My voice is sounding unprofessional. How can I upgrade my sound?

·       I cannot adlib or follow the beat in a song. What can I do?

·       I sound nasal when I sing. How do I correct this?

These and many more are the questions that I receive via email from singers and aspiring singers alike. We live in a society (Lagos, Nigeria) where having a vocal coach or a singing teacher is neither the norm nor in vogue. I have met a lot of musical artistes who just coughed out singles and albums using their natural singing talents. I bet you, it all came out good! Thank God for autotune and other technological applications that producers apply to reduce vocal recording defects. The problem arises when these singers have to sing LIVE!

Singing live makes a singer vulnerable. Your audience can almost tell if you know what you are doing or not, whether you are confident or not, whether you are shy not. Everything is in the open and can be perceived even by a child! Hey singer, this is reality.

It surprises me when singers say they do not need a singing teacher because they can already sing. This is so common with our local singers/ artistes. These same set of singers are working hard to match up with the Beyonces and Rihanas, international superstars who have personal vocal coaches till date! I recently stumbled upon a YouTube video where Celine Dion was doing some singing exercises with her personal vocal coach.  I have also listened to a recording session of Michael Jackson doing voice exercises with the legendary vocal coach, Seth Riggs.

If mega stars are still taking voice lessons, why should the upcoming stars not be even more serious about it? Now do you see why the mega stars get better and always stand out? Little wonder they always have flawless vocal performances both in their studio recordings and live performances. More so, they are the ones who top the charts.

One of the reasons why I embarked on the journey of writing this book is to sensitize singers about the benefits of having an expert at hand to help manage your singing talent.  You do not want to shine for a while and fizzle out into oblivion. You want to stand out for a long time. So, if you are a singer or an aspiring vocalist and you want to make a global impact with your gifts and talents, do yourself and your career a huge favour, go get an experienced singing instructor. Invest in yourself today and trend with the mega stars tomorrow!

This is an excerpt from my book, Overcoming Your Singing Challenges. To get your copy, contact the publisher via WhatsApp on +2348137107137.

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