Having come across a lot of singers on different skill levels, I have discovered a common concern amongst them. All singers have worries! And the level confidence takes the greater part of this worry. Most beginners at singing believe that only superstar singers have 100 percent confidence while performing on stage. It is only wise to remember that we are all human beings and even the megamost of stars you may know are still building their live performance confidence! Nobody knows it all. In the following lines, we shall get into the business of honing this craft.

To have an idea of your confidence level, check to know of you experience the following:

1. Going blank and forgetting your lyrics while on stage.
2. A better rehearsal than your actual live performance.
3. You feel like your heart is going to pop out your chest just before a performance – fear and a sick feeling.
4. You find it very difficult and tasking to sing in public.
5. You have a feeling people are laughing at you for not singing well.
6. You are afraid to go for singing auditions and competitions because you feel you would lose out or be turned down.
7. You are mostly concerned about how you  look.

Confidence has a lot to do with self belief. If you don’t believe in your singing ability and yourself, no one will believe in you. People can tell if you have self-esteem and insecurity issues and will respond accordingly to your performance. This is because lack of confidence will badly affect your delivery. Who wants to cheer a disorganised singer? No one!

How do you sort yourself if you lack self confidence? Firstly, don’t see yourself as less in any way. Many megastars struggled with this but worked towards selfimprovement killed their anxieties and hit stardom nevertheless.

An important advice I give to my students is that they should do all in their power to improve their singing abilities. If you understand your voice insideout, that in itself gives you a great portion of confidence! So endeavour to be a better singer. Get a voice teacher to put you through if you need to. Hire a talent manager to help you discover who you are and coin out your brand. Practice well enough to know your material inside out, before any performance.

More so, if you think anxiety is getting the better part of your stage performances, there are specific ‘secret’ exercises that I share with my VIP students only. I could give them out for a fee. You don’t get these from any institution. It is our secret code to breaking the performance anxiety demons.  For more info on how to get these, indicate by writing ‘More info’ in the comment box and contact 08137107137 through WhatsApp. This will give you the energy to work through your fears and come out a champion!

Although it is a good thing to perform with confidence, please be careful to ensure that it does not slip into overconfidence because a lot of great performances have been watered down by this stage ‘malfunction’.

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To your singing success and sweet confidence on stage,

Laura Etemah

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