The Youtube video attached to this post shows one of my earlier days in music, while I was head of music department at a nursery and primary school at Lekki. Little did I know that I was going to be settling as a vocal coach. I was building myself in all areas of music and all aspects presented to me. That you want to become a singer today should not stop you from building instrument playing skills on the side. Besides, there are other musical skills you need to pickup to help your singing.
Learning piano really helped me develop my musical ears, which is a valuable skill without which I wouldn’t have been able to help the singers who have come my way. I also picked up the guitar which today helps me to back up singers both in my private music classes and during shows and concerts.
More so, the short piece I played was from a popular piano book titled SMALLWOODS, where all pieces are written in music language – staff notation. Hence, I learned how to sight read music. Most contemporary singers don’t see a need to learn to play an instrument. I can assure you it’s a skill you won’t regret having. Please beware, music is not for the weak! Don’t say, ‘na sing I wan sing, nothing konsine me with instrument’. No worry, e go soon shock you when the opportunity go come! Don’t forget Asa, Alicia Keys, John Legend and James blunt in a hurry (all singer/ instrumentalists). Just to mention a few. Get serious with your craft. 
In 2006, I entered the Nigerian Breweries Star Quest competition as a singer (even though I wasn’t singing very well then), keyboardist and guitarist. Whilst in the house, and within the 21 day span of the competition, I picked up the bass guitar, which I didn’t know how to play priori to the contest. I learned it in 3 days and played the bass during the finals. We won! How would you not vote for a band with a lady on the bass? Pardon my bragging. But I tell you, that singular act brought me fame and fortune! Get serious with your craft.
Presently, I see all these little musical skills I picked, coming together to play in a beautiful way. The best part is that I am able to do combined courses for my students and that earns me more! Are you getting paid to do what you love to do – music? If your answer is no, there is something you are either not doing at all, or something is being wrongly done. 
What I noticed after interviewing some of my clients is that a whole lot of people want to be as talented and rich as Beyonce and Jay-Z but only a few are ready to go the extra mile – yes, the sleepless nights and the extra effort that needs to go into the work to make it stand out. You need to get serious with your music career. How do you want to operate? As an instrumentalist, solo singer, songwriter, recording artiste, session singer, dancer or producer? What are you doing today to help you achieve that? 
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