Do you know that you get the greatest brain benefits when you learn a musical instrument? How is this so? Students, businessmen, thought leaders, housewives, hustlers get ready to be transformed on a Yobo level!

By learning a musical instrument you are exercising the left, right, front, and back portions on the brain. What happens when the entire brain is being utilized? Learning increases!!! That’s the point!

One of the most significant increases is in spatial reasoning or spatial intelligence. This is the ability to see pictures in the mind and to solve problems in your mind.

People with spatial reasoning can “see” three-dimensionally and can see the intricate details of an object in their mind. This is the world of the pilot, the surgeon, the artist, the strategist and the scientist.

Albert Einstein, the great scientist, is a great example here. He was a genius at seeing patterns and solving problems in his mind and a wonder to the world. When he died, his brain was divided into five sections and given to the top scientists in the world to study.

It was Dr. Marion Diamond at UC Berkeley, one of the people to receive a portion of his brain, who found that the spatial area of his brain was 25 percent larger than the normal human brain.

Einstein was also a violinist and played the violin when trying to solve difficult problems. His musical ability helped him to “solve all his difficulties,” his son Hans Albert reported.

Additionally, scientists have found that because music involves the brain at every level, the following occurs:

    Bigger Brain: People who learn a musical instrument have larger brains—5 percent larger than non-  musicians.

       More Analytical: Musicians’ brains are more analytical and better at math.

     Specific Brain Building: Playing a musical instrument refines the development of the brain in a way that cannot be done by any other activity.

      Necessary for Total Brain Development: Playing a musical instrument is vital for the total development of the brain.

   Better Coordination, Memory: Those who play a musical instrument have greater coordination, concentration and better memory.

In short, people who play a musical instrument have bigger, better brains!

Musical Suggestion: Take the plunge! Start taking music lessons; also get your children to take music lessons; take music lessons together. Even if you are “older” take music lessons—it will keep you young-looking; young-feeling; young-thinking!

Remember the phrase, “Good thinking, good product?” Now is the time to use the power of music to reset every area of your life and business.

Laura Etemah
Vocal Coach/ Music Consultant

About the Author: Laura Etemah

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