Laura Etemah’s Blog Hosts Apostle Johnson Suleman – The Oracle of God

That’s a piercing look from Papa. Those eyes….no demon, principality, evil power or personality can look at them. They will be burnt by the Holy Ghost fire if they try to! The United Kingdom will host Apostle Johnson Suleman from 4th to 7th of April, 2016. He comes to Scotland 4th to 5th; and then to Manchester 5th to 6th. The posters are everywhere on the internet. You are all welcome!

Multi-National Oil Company Sponsors 100 Nigerian Children to Get Free Music Lessons with Lee Music School, Lagos-Nigeria!

The time to empower our children has come and we are glad to announce to the general public that our 5 years of impact has started to bear fruits all over the nation of Nigeria; and will in no time spread to the rest of Africa. Lee Music School is the only music training ground in Nigeria that has been fighting hard for sponsorship on behalf of the less privileged children, whose parents cannot afford music lessons.  It brings joy to our hearts to announce to you that a multi-national oil firm has risen to the occasion and approved our proposal to train up 100 young pianists in Lagos, Nigeria.This training will last for one full year!
The Founder/ President of Lee Music School, Laura Etemah holds a Masters degree in Music from one of UK’s best Music Schools and is dedicated to bringing music lessons to the homes of both elites and less privileged Nigerians. After winning the Star Quest competition by the Nigerian Breweries in 2006 and completing her NYSC with the Outstanding Youth Corps Member award, given by Ex-Governor Fashola in 2011, she has dedicated her time to impacting the next generation with the benefit of music education. This is because of the economic benefits Nigeria stands to gain when  arts education of youngsters is supported and funded.
With about 15 qualified Music Teachers and still counting, Lee Music School has brought joy to many homes through music education and is expanding to the rest of Africa and Europe, where new branches are springing up.
We seize this opportunity to congratulate the families who have qualified to take part in this training programme. For those who are not able to make it, there is always a second chance. Lee Music School, the very best in home teaching and instrument supplies in Nigeria, is always in session to register new students. Reach us on +447435240062, WhatsApp +2348132918691 or email etemahlaura@yahoo.comto register for music lessons.